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About Us

About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver transformative educational experiences that help students live truly God-centred lives.

We achieve this by offering a comprehensive Islamic essentials program on over 21 university campuses across the UK.

Employing our unique Roots teaching method, we guide students to absorb the information, engage in reflection, and ultimately apply the knowledge in their lives.

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So why 'Roots'?

Picture this: One of our founding members set out on a meaningful journey, visiting Islamic societies in 25 prestigious UK universities.

What they found was eye-opening.

While these societies buzzed with events and activities, something vital was missing. The unshakable core of faith seemed shallow, easily swayed by life's challenges – whether financial stress, worldly temptations, or tough times.

And so, a concept took root – to plant seeds and nurture strong roots.

Deep within you lies a natural inclination – the fitrah – an inner call to connect with Allah. Our commitment revolves around nurturing this instinct, cultivating roots that run deep and strong, able to withstand uncertainty.

Allah says in the Quran:

Do you not see how Allah compares a good word to a good tree? Its root is firm and its branches reach the sky. [14:24]

Allah likens the Iman of a believer to a tree that is deeply rooted in the ground, and its fruit and branches are far reaching.

Our goal is to strengthen your foundations, allowing you to reap the abundant fruits of this tree of faith. Our focus is UK university students – a national effort to nurture unwavering, profound faith.

Welcome to Roots Academy, where faith finds its foundation.


Team Roots

We’re a volunteer-powered organisation, from across the UK, united by a passion to provide transformational teaching to every single student. We’re made up of various sub-teams:

Marketing & Design

Hopefully the reason you’re on this website and enjoying it.


They wrote the entire curriculum from scratch!


Yes, even Roots needs HR!


The engine room of Roots, the people planning the Retreats, and making sure your workbooks are delivered on time.

External Partners

The primary point of contact for Islamic societies we partner with


The team that keeps the lights on

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Students Taught
Hosting Universities

The Instructors

The tireless teachers, mentors, and inspirational educators who bring the curriculum to life.

Testimonials from students

History of Roots

April 2020

Roots Academy is Born
Hisham creates the Quran 2020 programme by filming videos on his phone. The first version of the Student Workbook is made.
April 2020

September 2020

Test Launch of ‘The Essentials’ with 15 ISOCs
The Essentials package is released to 15 ISOCs including the Seerah course and Quran 2020.
September 2020

October 2021

Creation of Seerah Workbook
The first version of the Seerah workbook is created and used at Nottingham, MAB Youth and Sheffield onsite courses.
October 2021

August 2022

Roots Retreat 2022
The first student retreat took place at Markfield Institute, Leicester.
August 2022

April 2023

Roots Ramadan Fundraising
The first organised Roots Ramadan Fundraising takes place raising £25,258 in one-off donations and £2200 in monthly donation commitments.
April 2023

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