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Whilst we believe in the power of the physical classroom, we understand that not everyone has access to one.

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The Essentials

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The Essentials is a modular, transformative educational program designed to bring Muslims closer to their creator. The Essentials aspires to re-package fard ‘ayn (individually obligatory) knowledge in a way that provokes deep reflection and a transformation in both the mindset and behaviour of students.

The Essentials also provides relevance through a number of contextual discussions including atheism, science, pluralism, extremism, Islamophobia, minority rights, the Internet, philosophy, and the modern culture of entertainment.

“ Roots make me think and reflect on my own behaviours and lifestyle. There have been many times where I have been brought to tears because of the ways that they have explained things to us”
Student from Sheffield
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Relatable instructors with real-world experience and an engaging style, leaving students with a clear action plan to follow.

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