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The Essentials

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The Essentials

The Essentials Curriculum

The Essentials is a modular, transformative educational program designed to bring Muslim adults closer to their creator. The Essentials aspires to re-package fard ‘ayn (individually obligatory) knowledge in a way that provokes deep reflection and a transformation in both the mindset and behaviour of students.

The Essentials also provides relevance through a number of contextual discussions including atheism, science, pluralism, extremism, Islamophobia, minority rights, the Internet, philosophy, and the modern culture of entertainment.

An evidence-based inquiry into the fundamental truths of Islam, based on rational and textual proofs. Understand what it means to be a believer, how to substantiate and experience the sweetness of Iman, and how to nurture Iman.
Learn how to become a worshipper. Internalise both the outer and inner dimensions of worship starting with purity, prayer, fasting and Zakat.
Grow spiritually through remembering Allah and connecting with Him. Learn about and adorn yourself with good characteristics, and unlearn and leave off bad characteristics.
A unique introduction to the miraculously beautiful language of the Qur’an structured around key Qur’anic themes.
Explore the mercy, humility, and wisdom of Allah’s final messenger by studying the major events in his life.