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We help you connect with Allah

Fostering 21st-century faith through transformative education.


We help you connect with Allah

Fostering 21st-century faith through transformative Islamic education.

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Transformative Faith Leadership

We’ve built a learning experience that’s changing the lives of the ummah’s future leaders, change-makers and visionaries.

Our vision is enabling university students to live God-centred lives, so we teach structured, engaging and transformative face-to-face foundational Islamic education to over 1,800 students across the UK.


A modern curriculum based on classical texts with high-quality visual learning materials, incorporating contemporary questions and themes.


Relatable instructors with real-world experience and an engaging style, leaving students with a clear action plan to follow.


A learning philosophy to encourage active discussion, reflection and action through engagement and group-work.

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The Essentials

The courses we deliver

Begin your Roots journey below with one of our six short courses:

Seerah: Life of the Messenger (SAW)

Explore the mercy, humility, and wisdom of Allah’s final messenger by studying the major events in his life.

Islam: Worship

Learn how to become a worshipper. Internalise both the outer and inner dimensions of worship starting with purity, prayer, fasting and Zakat.

Tafsir: An Introduction to the Qur’an

A unique introduction to the miraculously beautiful language of the Qur’an structured around key Qur’anic themes.

Iman: Certainty

An evidence-based inquiry into the fundamental truths of Islam, based on rational and textual proofs. Understand what it means to be a believer, how to substantiate and experience the sweetness of Iman, and how to nurture Iman.

Ihsan: Practical Spirituality

Grow spiritually through remembering Allah and connecting with Him. Learn about and adorn yourself with good characteristics, and unlearn and leave off bad characteristics.

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