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Our Vision

Our purpose is to enable university students to live God-centred lives. We are the first and only educational provider catering for this audience at scale with a comprehensive programme that aims to positively transform their lives.

There are over 130,000 Muslim university students in the UK, many of whom either: (1) question their belief in God; (2) do not practice; (3) have never truly connected to their faith. We are here to do our part in trying to change this.

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The Essentials

The Essentials is a modular, transformative educational program designed to bring Muslim adults closer to their creator. The Essentials aspires to re-package *fard ‘ayn* (individually obligatory) knowledge in a way that provokes deep reflection and a transformation in both the mindset and behaviour of students.

The Essentials also provides relevance through a number of contextual discussions including atheism, science, pluralism, extremism, Islamophobia, minority rights, the Internet, philosophy, and the modern culture of entertainment. The five modules it consists of are:

1. Iman - Certainty
2. Islam - Worship
3. Ihsan - Practical Spirituality
4. Seerah - Life of the Messenger (S)
5. Tafsir - Diving Speech: An Introduction to the Qur’an

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Our Goals

Grow our reach: increase the number of sites that we’re present in, and reach more students in locations that we are already established. We have had a number of enquiries to bring Roots Academy to other university campuses, but haven’t so far had the capacity to do so. We also know that in our existing sites, there are hundreds of students that we aren’t currently reaching.

Develop our remaining courses: only 2/5 essentials courses are fully developed. We aim complete research & development for the curriculum material and content production (teacher notes, workbooks, other supporting materials) for the remaining 3 courses.

"Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it."

Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) – Source: Sahih Muslim 1893