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Roots Academy’s mission is to deliver transformative educational experiences that help people live truly God-centred lives. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive Islamic essentials program on over 16 university campuses. Employing our unique Roots teaching method, we guide students to absorb the information, engage in reflection, and ultimately apply the knowledge in their lives.

teach the essentials

What we provide

Comprehensive teacher training on the unique Roots teaching method.

Ready-to-use teaching materials, including teacher’s notes and presentations.

Ongoing mentoring and support to continuously enhance teaching skills.


Frequently Asked Questions

To apply, please visit our website and fill out the instructor application form.

Roots Academy offers a range of courses in Islamic essentials. You will get the opportunity to teach subjects such as seerah, Iman Foundations, Practical spirituality, etc.

Yes, Roots Academy is committed to supporting instructors in their teaching journey. We provide comprehensive teacher training on our unique Roots teaching method, teaching materials including teacher’s notes and presentations, and ongoing mentoring to improve teaching skills.

We welcome applicants with a strong background in Islamic studies, which can include studying with traditional teachers, being a student or graduate of a reputable institute, or having previous experience in teaching or delivering khutbah.

As an instructor at Roots Academy, we expect a commitment to teaching weekly during term times for two terms. This ensures a consistent learning experience for our students. However, we also offer flexibility in scheduling to accommodate instructors’ other commitments.

teach the essentials

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teach the essentials

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