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We have our own set of workbooks curated specific for our courses


We work with accredited institutions and universities to deliver our curriculum.



We don’t specify an age, but the course material has been designed with the busy Muslim adult in mind. You could be a middle school student, a mother-of-four, or someone who’s just entered the workforce.

To sign up to our course, go to the essentials page and enter your details on the sign-up section. You will receive an email with further instructions on how to start the course.

All of our essentials courses are for free and we do not intend to charge for these courses in the future.

You can contribute using one-off donations or recurring payments:





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Shaykh Muhammad Shafi Chowdhury

Shaykh Muhammad Shafi Chowdhury graduated from one of the oldest Islamic seminaries in the UK where he studied Islamic sciences with Isnad (unbroken chains of transmission to classical masters) in the fields of Qur’anic recitations and exegesis, Hadith studies and narration of the six canonical texts, Fiqh, Aqeedah, and Arabic Language.


He has been involved in extensive community work and teaching maintaining an open minded approach and building bridges between communities. He is an easy to approach scholar that works at grass-roots level.


Mustafa Razzak

Mustafa completed his Pharmacy degree from Aston University, a BA in Islamic Law from the European Institute of Human Sciences, and an MA in Islamic Studies from Newman University. His classical Islamic studies have been mainly with scholars in the UK. 


Shaikh Zahed Fettah

Zahed completed his LLB Law degree from the University of Birmingham, a BA in Sharī’ah Law from the European Institute of Human Sciences, and an MA in Islamic Studies from Newman University. He then completed two years of specialisation in Usūl al-Iftā in the Ḥanafī legal school. His classical Islamic studies were mainly with scholars in the UK and Algeria, and he holds ijāzahs in various books of Aqīdah, Hadīth, Fiqh, and other Islamic sciences. He is currently a teacher and researcher in Islamic Studies.


Hisham Jafar Ali

Roots Academy’s first instructor. He is the Muslim Chaplain at the University of Nottingham and has been teaching Arabic & Islamic studies for the last 7 years. Having studied Arabic and the Islamic Sciences in the UAE, he received a higher license and ijazah (traditional licenses) to teach various Islamic sciences.